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79.~_____ Low: The following lineage was listed in an ancestry chart of Diana, Princess of Wales: Seth Low, 1850-1916, Mayor of New York City, President of Columbia University; Abiel Abbot Low & Ellen Almira Dow; Seth Low & Mary Porter; David Low IV & Hannah Haskell; David Low III & Abigail Choate, Nathaniel Haskell & Hannah White; David Low, Jr. sex dating in delhi iowa-13

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201._____ Low, Miss , 0 males 16 , 0 males-16, 2 females, Boston, Suffolk. || Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States Taken in the Year 1790 - Massachusetts, Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Co, 1966., P. Elisha Goodwin of Eliot Maine who recorded all the deaths he found in Eliot & surrounding towns between 1820-1840. Since which they have done all as I apprehend Officers could To hire and many gave given £13-6-8. ¶ The Fishermen when they come in keep hid, or go off to sea so as not to be taken. 76.~Aaron Low mentioned in a will (legacy from John Andrews, Jr.) April 16-1764. || Maine Historical and Genealogical Recorder, Vol IV, 1887, Genealogical Publishing Co. 238.~ Aaron Low married Sarah Andrews 3-22-1781 in Ipswich. || New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol 86 (1932), p. || Vital Records of Essex Massachusets to the End of the Year 1849, Essex Institute, Salem, MA 1908, p. 79.~ Aaron Lowe Jr, 2 males 16 , 4 males-16, 3 females, Ipswich, Essex Co. || Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States Taken in the Year 1790 - Massachusetts, Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Co, 1966., P. Three years later, desirous of returning home, he engaged in a joint enterprise with a Chinese merchant which remitted both parties a handsome profit and enabled LOW to enter into business in New York on his own account, thus laying the foundations of A. Celebrated among their fleet of clipper ships were The Houqua, launched in 1844 and named after the Chinese mandarin who had engaged with LOW in the joint enterprise, the speedy Samuel Russell, which gained a reputation for outstripping its rivals with ease, and The Contest and Jacob Bell, both destroyed by Confederate privateers, recovery for which was effected before the Joint High Commission at Geneva. After the Civil War he gave vigorous expression to the demands of the New York merchants for a resumption of special payments (Centennial Celebration of the Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York, Apr. 16, 1841, to Ellen Almira, daughter of Josiah Dow of Brooklyn. 25, 1851, his brother William Henry's widow, Anne, daughter of Mott Bedell. 444.~ Abiel Abbot Low, son of Seth and Mary (Porter) Low. 1-18-1850; married 12-9-1880 to Annie Wroe Scollay, dau. Benjamin Robbins Curtis; and died 9-17-1916); Harriette Low (b. While the first entry records the arrival in Charlestown from England of the Rev. She and Andrew would have been married prior to 11-3-1663. Witnesses: Abram Dickerman, Samuel Miles.” Henry Peck(e) was once married to a Joan _? 24, 1893 near Pittsfield, she was a daughter of Leslie P. She also was preceded in death by a son, Warren, three grandchildren and a brother, Stuart. Thursday in the First United Methodist Church by the Rev Prosper. || Vital Records of Rhode Island 1636-1850, Births, Marriages and Deaths, James Arnold, Providence, RI, Vol 1. Appleton, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1978, p. ~Elizabeth Lowe, on 1-20-1817, aged 49 yrs (Cancer) - Funeral service (not nec. Nathan Parker of the Church of Portsmouth, NH || New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol.83 (1929), p.34-35.~Elizabeth Low, daughter of Jonathan Low, was baptised at the South Church of Portsmouth, NH (Rev. || Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War., Compilation from the Archives, Wright & Potter Printing, Boston, 1902., p. ¶ Requiem mass was held at 9 o’clock Saturday morning from St. 1836] from Brighton, ME., and built the old Lowe homestead, the abandoned brick house which still stands east of Sunny Hill Church. ¶ After he regained his health, Forrest and his brother, Paul, established a tire and battery shop in Evanston which they operated several years. || Vital Records of Manchester Massachusetts to the End of Year 1849, Essex Institute, Salem, MA, 1903, 86.~ Francis Low, son of Francis and Mary Low, was born 9-26-1808. || Vital Records of Salem, Massachusetts, To The End of The Year 1849, Vol I - Births, The Essex Institute, Salem, MA, 1924, p. Francis Low married Jane Flood (BL: Mary Jane Flood), both of Clinton, ME. During his four years in Peking (1870-74) the major incidents were the Tientsin massacre (1870), the attempt of the United States to secure a treaty with Korea, which resulted in naval operations in May 1871, and the long controversy over the audience question, which was partially won by the foreign representative in 1873. He a was frequently selected to act as arbiter in labor disputes and aided generously in relief work, especially during the cholera epidemic of 1893.

191._____ Low, Mrs, 0 males 16 , 0 males-16, 2 females, Boston, Suffolk Co. || Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States Taken in the Year 1790 - Massachusetts, Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Co, 1966., P. Deceased 9-4-1839 suddenly out part or mostly to Boon Island. || New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol 97 (1943), p 143.______ Low was born 6-17-1841, son of --------- [ BL: James W. [Diary of Miss Lucy Pickering Stone now in possession of John Robinson]. They are yet in Constant Pursuit and I dont leave them Six days without fresh Orders, and were it to save the Country, I can do no more. Sarah, daughter of John Andrews and Mary Emerson, was formerly married to Thomas Emerson of Ipswich. 2-11-1751/2; died 1-4-1776) married Sarah 3-25-1774. 76.~Abbie Lowe, child of Ephraim and Hannah Lowe of Sanford, ME. LOW'S economic interests extended beyond the flourishing import business which his firm conducted. Despite the conciliatory attitude which his son Seth demonstrated throughout his life in dealing with the labor problem. He was a Unitarian in religion and an exceptionally liberal patron of education and welfare work. ; died unmarried 1884); and Ellen Low (born 6-30-1846; married 12-9-1869 to Henry Evelyn Peirrepont; and died 1884 leaving issue.) Abiel Abbot Low’s second wife was Anne Davison Low, widow of William Henry Low, and died 1-7-1893. Peter Hobart with his wife and four children, 6-8-1635, there is only one other entry before 1637 which suggests that the latter marks the beginning of the Journal. || New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol 121 (1967), p. Inventory of Andrew Low’s estate at time of death was taken June 1670 and amounted to £. _ Peck, so she might be the widow Peck that Andrew Low married. Uncle Art and Aunt Mayme’s Golden Wedding Anniversary was 12/24/1973.~ Arthur Bingham Lowe) Mayme Lowe. Lowe, 95, a member of the First United Methodist Church of Pittsfield, died Monday, Jan. John Emerson - Minister) || New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol.81 (1927), p.446.~Elizabeth Low. Patriotic Service; R: Sanford, Town Records-S1, p6. ¶ When quite a young man he went to Texas, and was out west a year or more. Shortly before entering service he met Miss Joanne Quigley, and they corresponded until his return home. || Vital Records of Manchester Massachusetts to the End of Year 1849, Essex Institute, Salem, MA, 1903, 86.~Francis Aaron Low was born . As minister, Low won the esteem of Chinese and foreigners alike. Sheppard, to which is appended a biographical sketch compiled from the Low papers in the Bancroft Lib., in the Univ. In 1899 he went as a delegate to the first Hague Conference. In 1901, however, he was elected to the mayoralty of New York by a large majority on a reaction of public sentiment against the Tammany regime.

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The Pike Press, Pittsfield, IL, Wednesday, June 26, 1974.~Arthur Low. Tags: , ,