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Of her inspiration, Heng said: “I wanted to write about our societal obsession with youth and eternal life, our relationships with our oozing, shedding, deteriorating bodies, our age-old fear of mortality.” follows the life of a boy and his family living in Burundi during the Rwandan genocide.

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Born in Burundi to a French father and Rwandan mother, he moved with his family to France in 1995 after the outbreak of the Rwandan civil war.

Gaël went on to study finance and work for an investment fund in London before leaving to embark on a career of writing and music, releasing an album in 2010 with the group Milk Coffee & Sugar, and in 2013, his first solo album, His first novel has already seen astounding success in France and internationally, having been sold in 30 territories to date, and been awarded numerous prizes including the Prix Goncourt des Lycéens 2016.

Exploring trauma through the eyes of a child, Faye’s writing was described in French magazine opens with a college student staggering home after a sexual assault.

Addressing an all-too-relevant issue, the novel charts the physical and psychological effects on Peach through stylised, poetic prose, self-confessedly informed by James Joyce’s experiments with language.

Liz Foley, publishing director of Harvill Secker, said they “fell head over heels in love with Imogen’s writing” and called the book “marvellous, moving, bawdy and clever”.

received nominations from 11 literary awards juries, while his new short novel was the winner of Canada’s coveted Rogers Writers Trust Fiction Prize 2017.

Through fiction we can vicariously explore the depths of human experience, make sense of that which we cannot comprehend, breathe life into intangible concepts and foreign emotions, while imaginatively identifying with a character can help foster much-needed empathy.

Particularly exciting – and important – can be the discovery of new writers telling unique stories from fresh perspectives.

After a 10-publisher battle, Vintage won the rights to the novel for six figures.

last year how the image of a “seedy” and “social-climbing” capital has parallels to the one we see today.

“Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures” said 19th century writer and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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