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There are so many easy fixes to your customer service you are neglecting to fix If I was your only customer complaining but I am one of many.

The information would be given to prospective employers when verifying employment. When center manager’s actions are in violation as stated, HR should immediately investigate the center manager, HR should reinstate the 20 drivers fired in the past 12 months. and I spend a great deal of money shipping parcels to all of them.

Full benefits, compensation for hardships and immediate job reinstatement for those fired by the center manager assistant. I have had few deliveries without a poor experience.

In 1999, the company goes public on the NYSE under symbol UPS.

In 2001, the company acquired Mail Boxes Etc and the UPS Stores is introduced 2 years later.

I wish there was a way I could not use your service however it is not my choice, it is the choice of the companies I order from.

Unfortunately, my only recourse is to plead with you to fix your poor service.

In 2013, the company had more than 104,900 vehicles in operation worldwide, including nearly 7,000 alternative-fuel vehicles. Tagged as: united parcel service corporate headquarters, united parcel service corporate office, united parcel service headquarters, ups corporate address, ups corporate headquarters, ups corporate office, ups corporate office email address, ups corporate office phone number, UPS customer complaint desk, UPS customer complaints, ups headquarters, ups main office Center Managers/Supervisors should know better but try to report to HR.

In May of 2008, the company placed an order for an additional 200 hybrid electric vehicles, along with an order for 300 compressed natural gas vehicles from Daimler Trucks North America. Local center manager(who is retiring) fired as many as 3 drivers a day and sometimes 5 a week.

We have a sign on the window which Fed-Ex, USPS, and all other delivery services read and observe.

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