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It just happened at a Party Poker $109 buy-in high-stakes multi-table tournament.

And it is happening elsewhere--in all types of online poker games.

The latest known case of a major money-laundering operation inside a casino apparently happened at the Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens, California, which was raided yesterday by federal authorities investigating such criminal activity inside the casino. First off, boxmenless craps tables will see dealers who make mistakes on payoffs not get corrected.

Also, dealers who want to partner-up with agents to cheat the casino will have a much easier time doing so.

Petersberg have had their share of cheating incidents and scandals the past few years, some of which include Ponzi schemes and even tournaments where the prize money never even got distributed. I don't think any casino will ever quite rival Singapore's Marina Bay Sands as far as cheating goes, but I do think the new Wynn Boston Harbor Casino will be hit hard by casino cheats when it opens in 2019.

It will be a giant casino with lots of action and high-rollers, just perfect for professional casino-cheat teams.

Read more about the Russian Cell Phone Slot-Machine Scam here.

People in poor financial situations tend to get depressed as Christmas time nears, especially if they have no money to buy their loved ones gifts.

It was the Lake Tahoe Hotel-Casino on the North Shore of the lake.

A dealer was found with five sets of mis-spotted dice tucked in his apron. Back in the day, my casino-cheat partner Pat Mallory jumped off an Illinois riverboat after taking some heat on a blackjack cheat move, and he had to swim three miles against a rough current wearing a bulky suit and shoes! But imagine trying the same thing in the middle of an ocean?

Difficiult question because casinos tend to cover those scams up when they are the victims, but the biggest one I ever got wind of was the infamous Roselli Brothers scam during the late 1990s which may have taken American casinos for million.

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