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We feel pangs for the products of yesteryear, the novelties and distractions that filled up our youth …

The black stork, ciconia nigra, is very shy, especially during the spring.

|| The black stork, ciconia nigra, is very shy, especially during the spring.

a joint ­– and the product is plentiful, making it popular among homeless populations.

While an ounce of real marijuana can go for upwards of 0 on the street, this synthetic drug costs about online or about a bag in some corner stores or head shops – making it a hit among kids and the homeless.

Retromania is Reynolds’s term for our obsession with, or enthrallment by, the recent past, and in marshaling his materials he instances—among other retrocities—retro porn, retro ringtones, and a Pret A Manger sandwich called “Retro Prawn on Artisan.” Reynolds writes: Nostalgia is now thoroughly entwined with the consumer-entertainment complex.ECs: Charles Wee with Christina Chan This is an easy walk along shaded & paved park connectors.Walk past Orto recreation fishing ponds to Lower Seletar Reservoir Park n Jetty , followed by a stroll alongside Sungei Seletar Waterway leading to the new Springleaf Nature Park.Springleaf Park was recently designed and constructed.It is equipped with rest facilities and clean toilets.At its core, synthetic marijuana is a blend of industrial chemicals sprayed on dried leaves and lawn clippings, wrapped in brightly colored packages and sold under a variety of brand names – K2 and Spice being the most recognizable – though hundreds of others have been found.

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