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Should I have to pay half the mortgage and utilities? My boyfriend thinks it's fair that I split that cost as well.

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What you can do is this, take your rent, utilities, food, and ect and divide it by how many people are in the house and that is what he will pay.

The cell phone thing, I know you can do this, you transfer his service in his name then you aren't responsible for it anymore.

If he doesn't figure out it is cheaper to live with you, then you don't need him! He does this because he knows you won't do anything. My boyfriend of three years moved in with me a little over a year ago due to loss of a job in his city and him finding one in mine.

If he doesn't care enough about you to help you, then he doesn't really love you. Quit letting him use you, you have children to take care of, he is not your child! I have two daughters that are 18 and 21 and still live with me.

However it's not bad either, but he lives there with his 2 kids, 10 and 11 years old.

He would have to pay the mortgage anyways, it's not like I am taking up any space being that I share a room with him.Since the women gets the groceries they get out of paying for them, but are there to eat.I didn't have him on my cell plan, thank goodness.He wants a built in baby sitter plus somebody to help with his living expenses.Considering he and his kids use more of all the things listed than you do. While reading your entry, it totally gave me the creeps with all the red flags.My boyfriend kinda started staying here 24/7 a year ago, for the first 14 months he didn't help pay for anything.

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