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Both claim that the consensus on the existence of a historical Jesus is purely due to some kind of iron-grip that Christianity still has on the subject, which has suppressed and/or ignored the idea that there was no historical Jesus at all.

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Bart Ehrman, Maurice Casey, Paula Fredriksen) and Jews (e.g. Many of the arguments for a Mythic Jesus that some laypeople think sound highly convincing are exactly the same ones that scholars consider laughably weak, even though they sound plausible to those without a sound background in the study of the First Century.

For example: This seems a good argument to many, since modern people tend to leave behind them a lot of evidence they existed (birth certificates, financial documents, school records, etc.) and prominent modern people have their lives documented by the media almost daily.

Some others, however, are more reasonable at first glance.

Philo Judaeus was a Jew in Alexandria who wrote philosophy and theology and who was a contemporary of Jesus, and who also mentions events in Judea and makes reference to other figures we know from the gospel accounts, such as Pontius Pilate.

But its proponents are almost never scholars, many of them have a very poor grasp of the evidence, and almost all have clear ideological objectives.

Broadly speaking, they fall into two main categories: (1) New Agers claiming Christianity is actually paganism rebadged and (2) anti-Christian atheist activists seeking to use their "exposure" of historical Jesus scholarship to undermine Christianity.But it fell out of favor as the twentieth century progressed and was barely held by any scholars at all by the 1960s.More recently the "Jesus Myth" hypothesis has experienced something of a revival, largely via the internet, blogging, and "print on demand" self-publishing services.So it sounds suspicious to people that there are no contemporary records at all detailing or even mentioning Jesus.But our sources for in the ancient world are scarce and rarely are they contemporaneous—they are usually written decades or even centuries after the fact.So it makes far more sense that should mention Jesus than some poets in far off Rome.

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