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But their true potential is still largely unrealized".

This means that for every tenvillages there is one orthopedic practitioner.

Their practice includes fracture anddislocation management, marmachikitsa / varmakalai (understanding and managementthrough vital points in the body as in acupuncture), management of injuries and theircomplications, management of congenital anomalies like club foot, treatment of post-polio paralysis and musculoskeletal disorders using different types of oil therapies and many more to be explored.

Siddha system of medicine talks more about moral principle and moral guidance which is extremely relevant to our present day health care system.

Ancient Tamil Civilization has contributed a lot and has left behind a relevant health care system to the world.

Varmam has 2 dividends,one is called varmakalaithat deals with self-defense and the other called the varma therapy which deals with the therapeutic application.

The most important junctions in the human body in the trail of ligaments, nerves, bones, blood vessels, joints and nerve-centershas the accumulation of Pranavayu and thus it is called as vital points called Varmapulligal.This knowledge has been passed on through centuries ofpractice from one generation to another.Mostly the knowledge is inherited as a familytradition and in some cases it is taught as a teacher to student tradition through informalapprenticeship.A deeper exploration in the areas of kayakarpam of the siddhars can fetch us break-through in combating various incurable diseases.Karpa therapy is inclusive of herbal karpam, Mineral karpam, regulatory procedures for life force Circulation, Yoga and more integrated therapies like muppu, (vaithyamuppu, Vathamuppu, yoga muppu).Kadukkai, (Terminaliachebula) powder mixed with water to be taken at bed time.

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