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One of the children was 9-year-old Jennifer*, daughter of the operator.

At first she denied anything had happened in order to protect her mother, who had told her what to say if the police came.

“People tell themselves it’s not abuse, because the perpetrator isn’t touching the children,” Dr Tan says.

“But the children are still being abused, and this harms their mental and physical development.

They also found a group of four girls and boys aged between 7 and 10 preparing for a ‘show’.

The children were about to undress and perform sex acts on each other, following instructions from a paedophile connected from overseas via webcam.

Here, they were examined by a paediatrician, Dr Merle Tan.

The centre had been recently renovated and provided a bright and cheerful environment for children, with a well-equipped playroom and therapy rooms.

During the raid, the police seized the laptops as evidence and arrested the operator.

The children were rescued by a social worker and brought to the Child Protection Unit at Philippine General Hospital in Manila.

As they grow up, they may have problems forming relationships, and can get further drawn into sex work, or even become abusers themselves.” The Philippines has become the global epicentre of the live stream sexual abuse trade.

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