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By all means, it’s an old-style, quirky airport, with a funny sort of terminal building and layout that doesn’t really befit the air travel of 2018.

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In his own Words "After 14 years membership I'm proud to be given opportunity to give a little back to Avsim.

A big thank you to CJ" My first video recommendation on Avsim as video editor.

With the A320neo being introduced into airline service back in 2016, at its core, this aircraft is still the A320 we have all come to love, but with newer and larger engines that offer up to 15% better fuel efficiency.

Throughout this program, you will have the privilege of examining the operations of the SAS A320neo on flights from Stockholm to the destinations of Malaga (Spain) and Split (Croatia).

For those of you who enjoy some of the more technical aspects of aviation, you will also enjoy segments where the crew calculates takeoff performance using their tablets.

Other highlights from our first round trip includes engine startup procedures, diverting from a buildup of bad weather, review of departure procedures and enroute information and a short but insightful cockpit presentation.The X-Updater will easily update your aircraft to the latest version without having to re-download the entire file.About the model What sets our models apart is system depth, which we consider to be the most important aspect of model making.However, after significant delays, a major hike in building costs, and general mismanagement, the airport remains closed and unused until this day.Thus, the ageing Berlin Tegel remains in service, and Aerosoft has decided to grace us with the third version of their airport scenery: following an FSX-aimed modernization, we now also have Tegel Professional, specifically built for Prepar3D v4.Flight Preparations External Walkaround Cockpit Set-up Briefings & Checklists Cockpit Presentation Differences between A320neo & A320ceo Departure & Arrival Airport Charts Great scenery on departures, arrival and enroute.

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