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/78 Amarillo, TX **supporting Foreigner** 09/27/78 San Antonio, TX Convention Centre Arena **supporting Foreigner** 09/28/78 Ft Worth, TX Convention Centre **supporting Foreigner** 09/29/78 Abilene, TX Taylor County Coliseum **supporting Foreigner** 09/30/78 Houston, TX Summit **supporting Foreigner** 12/15/78 Boston, MA Orpheum Theatre **with UFO** 12/16/78 Lewiston, ME Central Maine Youth Centre **with UFO** 12/17/78 Hartford, CT Hard Rock Cafe 12/18/78 Greensboro, NC Coliseum **with AC/DC** 12/26/78 Fresno, CA Selland Arena **with Nick Gilder** 12/27/78 ??

Santa Cruz, CA Coconut Grove 12/27/78 Irvine, CA Crawford Hall **with The Runaways** 12/28/78 San Diego, CA Sports Arena **with Kansas** 12/29/78 San Bernardino, CA Swing Auditorium **with Nick Gilder** 12/30/78 Oakland, CA Coliseum 12/31/78 Long Beach, CA Arena **with Nick Gilder**(Most of these dates are as listed in the 1979 World Tour programme, so there are some contradictions with what appear to be actual shows.

Peoria, IL Roberts Memorial Fieldhouse 05/29/78 Evansville, IN Meskar Music Theatre 05/31/78 Dayton, OH Hara Arena 06/01/78 Rochester, NY War Memorial **supporting Foghat** 06/02/78 Buffalo, NY New Century Theatre **supporting REO Speedwagon** 06/03/78 Philadelphia, PA Spectrum **with Foghat, Sweet** 06/04/78 Wilkes-Barre, PA Riverfront Theatre **supporting Uriah Heep** 06/07/78 Willimantic, CT Shaboo Inn 06/08/78 Buffalo, NY Century Theatre **with REO Speedwagon** 06/09/78 Boston, MA Paradise Ballroom06/17/78 Lakeland, FL Civic Centre **supporting Rainbow** 06/20/78 Royal Oak, MI Music Theater 06/21/78 Joliet, IL Rialto Theater 06/25/78 Des Moines, IA Veterans Auditorium **supporting Aerosmith ??

Fight or flee from increasingly gigantic hordes of slow, classic-style zombies. Make tough choices in Interactive Fiction text events.

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Terre Haute, IN Indiana Theatre The Armory 11/01/77 Toronto, ON, Canada El Mocambo 11/03/77 Lake Charles, LA Civic Center **supporting Blue Oyster Cult** 11/04/77 San Antonio, TX Joe Freeman Coliseum **supporting Blue Oyster Cult, with Black Oak** 11/05/77 Houston, TX Sam Houston Coliseum **supporting Blue Oyster Cult, with Black Oak** 11/06/77 Dallas, TX Moody Coliseum or Convention Centre **supporting Blue Oyster Cult, with Black Oak** 11/10/77 Los Angeles, CA **"Don Kirshners Rock Concert" TV recording** ** 11/17/77 Northampton, PA Roxy Theatre **with The Motors** 11/18/77 Dover, NJ The Place 11/19/77 Rochester, NY War Memorial Auditorium **with Rush & UFO** 11/20/77 Malaga, NJ Bullwinkle's Rock Farm 11/21/77 Boston, MA Paradise Theatre 11/23/77 Commack, NY Suffolk Forum **with Utopia** 11/24/77 Johnstown, PA War Memorial Arena **supporting Rush, Mark Farner** 11/25/77 Passaic, NJ Capitol Theatre **supporting Rush** 11/27/77 Youngtown, OH Tomorrow Theatre 11/29/77 Madison, WI Bunky's **with Elvis Costello & the Attractions** 11/30/77 Madison, WI Dane County Coliseum 12/02/77 Roanoke, VA (not known) 12/05/77 Chicago, IL Stadium **supporting Queen** 12/06/77 Fort Wayne, IN Coliseum **supporting Kansas** 12/08/77 Davenport, IA RKO Orpheum Theatre **with UFO & Rockets** 12/09/77 Hammond, IN Civic Center 12/10/77 Chicago, IL Chicago Amphitheater **with UFO** 12/12/77 Atlanta, GA Fox Theatre 12/14/77 Norfolk, VA (not known) 12/15/77 ?

Greensboro, NC (not known) 12/16/77 Jacksonville, FL Coliseum 12/17/77 ? Miami, FL (not known) 12/18/77 Greensboro, NC Coliseum **with AC/DC** 12/20/77 New York, NY Palladium12/22/77 Inglewood, CA Forum **supporting Queen** 12/28/77 San Diego, CA Sports Arena **supporting Kansas** 12/29/77 Tucson, AZ Arena or Community Centre **supporting Kansas** 12/30/77 Las Vegas, NV Aladdin Hotel **supporting Kansas** Please note: Some of the 1978 dates listed have came from old CT itinerary cards.

Ginnings 02/27/77 Charleston, IL Eastern Illinois University **supporting Kansas** 03/04/77 Grayslake, IL Lake County College 03/05/77 Detroit, MI Royal Oak Theatre 03/06/77 Youngtown, OH Tomorrow Theatre **unconfirmed** 03/07/77 Ann Arbor, MI Second Chance 03/08/77 Ann Arbor, MI Second Chance 03/09/77 Columbus, OH Agora03/11/77 Philadelphia, PA Tower Theatre **supporting Rush** 03/12/77 New York, NY Yorkville Palace 03/13/77 Indiana, PA (not known) **supporting Kansas, two shows** 03/14/77 Pittsburgh, PA Stanley Theatre **supporting Rush**03/21/77 Huntingdon Beach, CA (not known) 03/22/77 San Francisco, CA Old Waldorf ? 03/25/77 Kenosha, WI Brat Stop 03/26/77 Detroit, MI Cobo Hall **supporting Boston** 03/27/77 St Cloud, MN (not known) **supporting Kansas** 03/29/77 Madison, WI Stone Hearth 03/30/77 Milwaukee, WI Electric Ballroom04/02/77 Rockford, IL Riverview Ice House 04/04/77 Austin Tx (not known) **supporting The Kinks** 04/05/77 Houston, Tx Houston Music Hall **supporting The Kinks** 04/06/77 Ft Worth, Tx Will Rogers Auditorium **supporting The Kinks** 04/07/77 Oklahoma City, OK Civic Center Music Hall **supporting The Kinks** 04/08/77 Omaha, NE (not known) **supporting The Kinks** 04/09/77 Minneapolis, MN Orchestra Hall **supporting The Kinks** 04/10/77 Kansas City, MO Memorial Hall **supporting The Kinks** 04/11/77 Iowa City, IA Hancher Auditorium **supporting The Kinks** 04/12/77 Milwaukee, WI Riverside Theater **supporting The Kinks** 04/13/77 De Kalb, IL Red Lion 04/14/77 Bloomington, IL Red Lion 04/15/77 Champaign, IL Chances R04/29/77 Buffalo, NY Memorial Auditorium **supporting Boston** 04/30/77 Ottawa, ONT, Canada Civic Center **supporting Boston** 05/01/77 Ann Arbor, MI Second Chance 05/02/77 Ann Arbor, MI Second Chance 05/04/77 Madison, WI Dane County Coliseum **supporting Ted Nugent** 05/05/77 Green Bay, WI Arena **supporting Ted Nugent** 05/06/77 La Crosse, WI Sawyer Auditorium **supporting Ted Nugent** 05/07/77 Davenport, IA RKO Auditorium **supporting Ted Nugent** 05/08/77 Akron, OH Flying Machine05/09 or 10/77 Cincinatti, OH Bogart's 05/11/77 Columbus, OH Agora 05/13/77 Indianapolis, IN Circle Theatre **with Starcastle** 05/15/77 ? Springfield, IL Nelson Center **supporting Rush, plus Max Webster** 05/17/76 La Crosse, MI Mary E Sawyer Auditorium **supporting Rush, plus Max Webster**** 05/19/77 Hamilton, ONT, Canada (not known) **supporting Procol Harem** 05/20/77 Sudbury, ONT, Canada (not known) **supporting Procol Harem** 05/21/77 Ottawa, ONT, Canada (not known) **supporting Procol Harem** 05/22/77 Toronto, ONT, Canada (not known) **supporting Procol Harem** 05/23/77 Montreal, QB, Canada (not known) **unconfirmed** 05/26/77 Rochester, NY (not known) 06/01/77 Milwaukee, WI Electric Ballroomhisky A Go Go 06/05/77 Hollywood, CA Whisky A Go Go 06/22/77 De Kalb, IL Red Lion 06/23/77 Peoria, IL Second Chance 06/24/77 Bloomington, IL Red Lion 06/25/77 Champaign, IL Chances R 06/26/77 Highland Park, IL Centennial Park 06/27/77 Madison, WI Stone Hearth 06/28/77 Schaumburg, IL B.

Ginnings 06/29/77 Milwaukee, WI Electric Ballroom 06/30/77 Decatur, IL Times Square 07/03/77 Kenosha, WI Brat stop 07/04/77 Port Clinton, OH Surf Place 07/05/77 Cleveland, OH Agora Ballroom **with Dead Boys, Dictators** The band supported KISS throughout July and August 1977 on the "Love Gun" summer tour.

Over the course of five nights it is your objective to uncover the whereabouts of your family, unravel the mysteries of the house, and face off against Lily and other dark entities that are nested deep within its walls, while the clock is relentlessly ticking towards am.

What would you do if you could feel something stalking you in the dark in the safety of your own home? The single-player campaign will mostly take place in one British townhouse.

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