Synonym for reducing or consolidating

“Silos – and the turf wars they enable – devastate organizations.

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All of the tactics described within Motivation are designed to avoid the “it’s not my job” attitude and encourage input, team work, and most importantly – productivity. The leadership team must establish a time frame to complete the common goal, benchmarks for success and delegate specific tasks and objectives to other members of the management team.

Regularly scheduled meetings with the intention to hold each employee accountable against their assigned task should be held.

Most employees become frustrated with their department and the organization as a whole when they have identified the problems, but can’t do anything about it.

It is the responsibility of the leadership team to recognize this and rise above to create effective, long-term solutions that are scalable, executable, and realistic.

Unfortunately, while these behaviors may be a result of the silo mentality; it is not the root cause.

These assumptions will actually lead to long term harm to the organization as a whole by creating resentment and cynicism within the teams.

To alleviate this problem, server virtualization may be used to mask the details of server resources from users while optimizing resource sharing.

Another approach to server consolidation is the use of blade servers to maximize the efficient use of space.

There must be a large level of executive buy in and core understanding of the company’s long term goals, department objectives, and key initiatives within the leadership team prior to passing it down to the teams. Once the leadership team has agreed to the over-arching unified vision of the organization, it is important that this team determines underlying root problems that may be causing the ripple effect of silos.

A unified leadership team will encourage trust, create empowerment, and break managers out of the “my department” mentality and into the “our organization” mentality. Many times there are multiple tactical goals and objectives identified, but it is up to the Leadership team to remain on task and define the single, qualitative focus that is shared among them as the top priority.

This thinking, along with a unified focus, should be applied across teams to encourage collaboration, team work and ultimately accomplishment of the common goal. Motivation can vary across teams, and most importantly across individuals.

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