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One of the biggest challenges modern parents face is instilling respect in their children.

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She and Dr Bob met at USC and were married in 1971.

Pam is the proud mother of two grown children, Lauren, who is a Special Education teacher in the La Habra School District and a son, Greg, who is a TV and Film editor.

You want to reach out and touch them, you want to go all the way and give it everything that you’ve got.

Making this moment count is always going to be in your hands!

While no parent is perfect, make sure you spend some time considering what your behavior says about you. When you open up the discussion on respect, your kids will feel more comfortable exploring this topic with you.

Most importantly, they’ll be able to ask you questions about what it truly means to demonstrate respect to others.

When you value your local community, you avoid littering.

Although respect is a concept that can be difficult to understand, it’s important to help your child learn to grasp what it means to be respectful.

If you treat the people around you with respect, your kids will pick up on that. This can be something as simple as talking about the importance of sharing toys or not taking something from another child.

If, however, you talk down to other people or ignore their opinions and insight, your children will choose those behaviors to imitate. It could be more complex, like explaining why your child should be polite or kind to other people.

This will help prepare your child not only for survival in school but for flourishing in the workplace as well.

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