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A Lunch Date – Long Enough to Get to Know Someone and Yet Not Too Long to Become Awkward When she came across the lunch date idea, she thought that this would really help them find love without impacting their work schedule.She thought that the idea of a lunch date was simple, short and sweet – it was long enough to get to know someone and yet not too long to become awkward.

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More importantly, it matched the lifestyle of busy professionals.

One of Violet’s most memorable success story was this couple Chis and Ben. Initially, Chris was furious when she found out that Lunch Actually had matched her with Ben.

When both of them met for a date, the couple instantly clicked, got engaged within 3 months and married within a year.

Today, they are proud parents of 2 beautiful daughters!

Along with the crew-cut star's ample charm, the sitcom's occasional dance numbers, parodies and animation helped make this one of ABC's more durable and creatively unpredictable shows.

Season 3, Episode 1September 23, 1997Drew poses as the "before" picture for a radical diet plan on which users lose weight via a mix of vitamins and beer. Attributes like their client-focused approach, efforts to ensure client safety, and service integrity has helped Lunch Actually built a strong market reputation and set high industry standards.The success of the company can easily be gauged by their ever-increasing client base including a high percentage of satisfied customers and referrals.She had a new concept which she was not sure would work, but nonetheless, she took the leap hoping that she would succeed.The concept of launching a lunch dating company struck her after watching her single colleagues who were very attractive and eligible, but not dating.A Mission to Help Busy and Single Professionals Find Love Launched with a mission to help busy and single professionals find love, Lunch Actually is the brain child of the couple Violet Lim and Jamie Lee.

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