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I’ve only been hit on once in a HUB – I was ordering a drink at the bar for my husband and I. I have a friend who went on a couple dates with a guy she met at a bar.The Japanese man just walked up (not subtle at all) and asked if I was at the bar alone. It didn’t work out in the end, but she had a fun time.

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Some of these stories have little nuggets of wisdom for if you’re trying to meet someone in Japan; some don’t.

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve sat down with friends (or Skyped) asking how exactly they met their Japanese boyfriend, so I could write this post on how to meet people in Japan.

I also know a couple that met at random on the train, started talking, hit it off, and are still together, two years later. If you don’t mind dating and/or ‘going steady’ with a Japanese man who is married, you shouldn’t have any problems. I wouldn’t do it (personally), but I have a number of friends who have.

To increase the chances of being “nanpa-ed,” make lots of eye contact and smile. Take a train together rather than a cab, so you know where you’re going (if you’re going back to his place). A Hobby Circle or Club A hobby circle is basically a club of people with similar interests.

A lot of Japanese men go to so-called “gaijin bars” looking to talk to foreign women.

And, you know, vice versa (Japanese women going to meet foreign men).

But before I go further, I’d like to share a comment someone posted (that resonates with me): d that you are looking not just for “exotic goods” but for someone that you will love as a whole (not just because of their ethnicity).

Especially when given the fact that eventually you are going to have to communicate effectively.

I don’t advocate trying to find a “Japanese boyfriend” simply because you want a “Japanese boyfriend” – but if you are trying to possibly find a potential partner here in Japan, I wanted to write a post on how exactly people seem to find their significant others.

I have a handful of friends here in Tokyo that are dating, engaged to, or married to people here in Japan and all of us have different “how I met my boyfriend” or “how I met my girlfriend” stories.

They can be pricey (depending on the sport), but I highly recommend joining a martial arts team.

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