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“Are you telling me you don’t have a single bachelor in all of Los Angeles?” Ghiselin, an attractive brunette, complained to a Two of Us matchmaker who had set her up with a man near San Diego.Most of the victims confirm that they have been “matched” on at least one date by the company, but almost all complain that Two of Us matchmakers seemed to ignore the requirements of a potential mate that they set out in their written dating requests.

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“Our members are told this from the very beginning,” Baker said.

“Our philosophy has long been that single people too frequently will make a snap judgment on someone based on their physical appearance and fail to see compatibilities that may lie within the person.” The state Attorney General’s office has advised dissatisfied Two of Us clients to retain private counsel, which Porbansky has.

Vratarik maintains that a 2004 sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former employee of Two of Us predecessor Together, and settled out of court, supports the complaints against Yetenekian and his companies.

In addition to the sexual harassment claims, Michelle Cochran, the former employee, alleged that Together misrepresented its success by posing employees of the company as “satisfied clients.” Two of Us declined comment on Cochran’s allegations but denied it poses its employees as satisfied clients.

The country music lyric “looking for love in all the wrong places” should be playing in the background of what may be the costliest lonely hearts club in America.

Candy Porbansky, a 52-year-old Oxnard widow and grandmother, paid ,000 to join.

Ghiselin has organized a group of the victims and says they are planning to make a joint complaint to law enforcement authorities.

Oxnard attorney Nicolas Vratarik, who is representing Porbansky, said he is preparing legal action against Two of Us, alleging a number of deceptive practices under the Consumer Legal Remedies Act.

“There are still people who give matchmakers credit for their marriages.” Two of Us officials said its membership prices vary depending on the number of introductions a member receives as well as the level of service sought.

So-called “sweetheart scams” are as old as the matchmaking industry itself, say professionals, but they have become more commonplace in recent years, in part because of the Internet.

“We emphatically deny that there is any misrepresentation of our services or that Two of Us representatives use high pressure sales tactics,” said Two of Us attorney Ethan D. Baker said Two of Us tries to resolve disputes with its clients but that “sometimes these complaining members have unrealistic expectations that just cannot be met.” The dating service has agreed to full refunds to only four of the 77 complainants and a partial refund to another, according to the Better Business Bureau, whose D rating of Two of Us makes it the worst among Southern California dating services.

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