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Are these technology 'giants' compro- mising on the quality of service to create such a multi-locational presence in India? Or, is it a combination of vari- ous factors aligned with technology that provides it?

We'll have to wait and watch how long this goes on. Some of the key factors are innovation and thinking out-of-the-box.

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Marc Sonam, Image Media Mobile: 91 9341829285, 2F-2, No. 2, Phone: (080) 25546370-73 East Fushing South Road, Taipei 106, Fax: 41518330 Jayanta Bhattacharyya Taiwan, R. The GTX 200 series is big and fast, we find out what makes it tick Cover Story Behind The Games Designing a modern game is no easy task (as we discovered! To unearth how these marvels are made, we travelled half way around the world to one of the most reputed development studios in the business. 33 \ Open Source Matters From A Hacker's Diary "The Coreboot project is aimed at replacing the standard BIOS firmware- found in most computers-with free software" Drool Maal Scream And Shout! Take a break and check out some of the best freeware tools ever made Enhance Learning New Languages You got the whole world in your hands..., and so the song goes. This is, certainly a small world getting even smaller, n the Internet age Importing the entire sequence of images into Virtual Dub From here on, things get really simple.

The survival of business is all about being dif- ferent and using technology to create a competitive edge. Keep asking this question— is IT keeping up with my own innovative ideas? ' but 'can IT provide a base for my innovative ideas in business? com -e- Colophon_July_087/4/2008 PM Page 4 July 2008 • Volume 8 • Issue 7 Managing Director Dr Pramath Raj Sinha Printer and Publisher Kanak Ghosh Editorial Editorial Director Sujay Nair Assistant Editor Robert Sovereign-Smith Senior Writer Nimish Chandiramani Writers Bhaskar Sarma Copy Desk Associate Editor Devarajan Mahadevan Copy Editor Nash David Test Centre Assistant Manager Sanket Naik Reviewers Michael Browne, Rossi Fernandes Product Co-ordinator Yogendra Bagle Design Creative Head Kabir Malkani Art Director Rohit A Chandwaskar Senior Designers Vijay Padaya, U Ravindranadhan Illustrators Shrikrishna Patkar, Kiran Bhosle, Ashwini Baviskar Photographer Jiten Gandhi Multimedia Project Head Robert Sovereign-Smith Content Co-ordination Rossi Fernandes Sales & Marketing Vice President Bibhor Srivastava Assistant Brand Manager Arpita Ganguli Marketing Communication Thomas Varghese Asst.

Manager-Scheduling & MIS Ramesh Kumar Production and Logistics GM - Operations Shivshankar Hiremath Production Manager Mangesh Salvi Logistics M P Singh, Vilas Mhatre, Mohd.

Browse to the folder where the photos are stored and choose the first image of the sequence. Just be sure that the images are numbered properly.

Creating The Video Selecting audio and video codecs for the movie With the sequence video imported into Virtual Dub, its time to select the codec we want to use to export the video.

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Onl Tand related matters I remember reading a Nicholas Carr article 'IT Doesn't Matter' back in 2003, where he said IT is commoditized and cannot provide a competitive advantage. How many enterprises look at their businesses this way? The sector is one of the fastest adopters of technology to keep a competitive edge.

This reminds me of the way there is a shopping mall in every corner The survival of business is all about being different and using technology to create a competitive edge. We seem to overdo cer- tain things in all aspects and forget to do our home- work well.

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