Toxic friend dating ex

If you ignore these ten biggest signs of toxic friends, you do yourself a huge disservice.10 obvious signs you have toxic friends For people who judge themselves by what others think, letting go or ghosting a friend is not just difficult, it can be nearly impossible.But, if someone is toxic to your self-esteem and life, then you have an obligation to yourself to get away as fast as you can.

Toxic people say mean things behind your back and nice things to your face. Someone who doesn’t know what line not to cross will cross it whenever you cross them. [Read: How to beware of backstabbers] #3 They repeat your secrets.

The rule of thumb is that if they viciously say mean things to you about someone else, then they probably say mean things about you to someone else. You shouldn’t have to say, “This is just between you and me,” when you tell your friend something that you don’t want everyone to know.

Of course, you can’t complain about it because all ; there’s rarely a moment where he doesn’t take the opportunity to get in a dig at your insecurities or perceived flaws.

You can’ t talk about your dreams or ambitions without his taking a giant shit on them, telling you how rediculous you’re being for even imagining that you could pull them off or bringing up all of your previous failures.

For all that you may enjoy needling or teasing each other, your partner in a relationship is just that: your .

They’re the one who is supposed to have your back no matter what, not the one making the point of cutting your legs out from under you whenever they get the chance. You insist that no, you’re having a good time, but your slumped posture and monosyllable answers tell an entirely different story. You’re acting like your old self again and having a good time…

If they pretend as if they didn’t know it was something you didn’t want to be shared, they are full of shit. If you feel like the sidekick only around to make your friend look attractive, witty, and smart, then they probably use you to make themselves look better.

No one tells your secrets to someone else without knowing it is wrong. If every conversation you have with them starts with some embarrassing thing you did at some point, they use you as bait to make themselves appear the better person and way more popular.

Everything you do is subject to constant criticism… He’s trying to possible opportunity to cut you down.

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