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His songs, often categorized under the umbrella of "bedroom anthems" have helped enhance his reputation as arguably the scene's most overt Don Juan character, a man who is running though his love life like a hot knife through butter.

13 with the caption, "She so fine..." And that she is!

The Grammy-nominated star and his new beauty have tried to keep their relationship away from the public eye, but they clearly couldn't keep their hands off each other any longer, because according to E! She's a seriously talented girl: She can rap, sing, dance and write songs. She was in Prince's music video for the track, "Diamonds and Pearls." 4.

A fan recently asked the banger why she broke up with Trey and she responded with this tweet: But…

We have a feeling that the by ‘messy’ she means Trey is dirty dog creeping on her with countless groupies.

Although they arrived separately to the party, witnesses say they were inseparable, kissing and posing for selfies throughout the evening.

[Intro] I don't want nobody else but you I don't want nobody else but you, ooh ah ah Nobody else but you, ooh ah ah [Verse 1] She like what's up, what's up with me and you, (ooh ah) yeah What we fin'nin, fin'nin to do (ooh ah ah) Lately I've been giving you some room, (ooh) uh huh Lately I just don't know what to do, ooh ooh ooh I don't want nobody else but you (ooh ah ah) I know you don't want to wait for me, aye They say you should stay away from me, (no) aye I know you the only babe for me, pray for me Gratefully you love me too (ooh ah ah) Know a lot of men would do you better Know that I done put you through whatever I know that you care for me, I know you'll be there for me If ever something happen you still down Real one, I guess I'm just a fool with her Looking in the mirror like, ain't you scared to lose her?

You can view a sampling of the reaction from Twitter below.

Thankfully for Trey Songz's die-hards, he was just trolling.

If we can learn anything from the sneak peek it’s that his attention is all the way on Turner.

Will the two rekindle the flame, or will another contestant step up and be “Mr. Take a first look above and tune in to watch the full episode on Tremaine The

Further to that, maybe he was just trying to stir up some buzz around his name so that his fan base was alert when he dropped a hint at some upcoming music (that was one of the theories floating around out there anyways).

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