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While the “mainstream media” claims that the crisscrossing lines left behind by planes in the sky are nothing more than contrails—streaks of frozen vapor produced during flight—Dancing Dark knows better.Global warming is fabricated by the government—“geoengineering above our heads.” Why?Even those of us not given to conspiracy theories are aware that we have been deceived by the government and by the media too many times.

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Until last year, Dancing Dark had at least one person whom she could talk to.

“My friend could tell Illuminati symbolism right away and we could joke about it,” she says, referring to the purported secret global elite believed to control the thoughts of the credulous masses.

I honestly wish Ariana & Pete well, look, love is a gamble life is a battlefield mazel.

But DO NOT TELL ME that there isn't something amiss with this timeline X8Bi— Margaret Eby (@margareteby) June 12, 2018 reported Grande and Mac Miller's split on May 10 and Davidson and David's split on May 16. He didn't tell me who it was for but told me to keep it a secret. This relationship has moved fast, but even that is pushing it.

It means this May 3 Instagram from David was simply a confirmation that she and Davidson were still friends: It means the sudden flux of photos and tattoos and social media flirting was just bottled up PDA that they could finally release. Because this is still something neither Davidson nor Grande have spoken about publicly, and it's something neither of their reps have returned my request for comment for.

It means that May 19 (or then-abouts) call to the jeweller came after already declaring his intentions to marry Grande back in April. It's something I'm going to continue to think about every day until I'm given answers.

Those I spoke to had assumed this was about David, though they shared conflicting reports about whether or not he referenced her by name.

If Davidson did refer to David as the girlfriend he was probably going to marry, this marks the most recent time that we know they were still together, but also makes his sudden engagement to Grande even more confusing. If he didn't refer to his girlfriend by name because he was First and foremost, it means Davidson and Grande have been dating for much longer than we've been privy to.

She named her avatar Dancing Dark after a Lars von Trier movie and Björk, a beloved singer. Whenever she mentions a certain country (which, for obvious reasons, she asked me not to name) her computer crashes. “I’m an intelligent being and I want to learn and be intellectual.

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