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Windows 95 reads the ESCD to see if hardware has been changed and react accordingly.Windows 95 also allows users to override Plug and Play resource assignments by manually changing resources in the Device Manager.

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If you and your student decide that taking an AP course it the proper step for them to take in the 2018-2019 school year, please contact your counselor at SCHS.

After all, most people change their system hardware relatively infrequently.

Second and more importantly, it is possible that the BIOS might not always make the same decision when deciding how to allocate resources, and you might find them changing even when the hardware remains unchanged. The ESCD area is a special part of your BIOS's CMOS memory, where BIOS settings are held.

Some important changes are being introduced to the ECS scheme that will take effect from 2019 across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

These new rules will apply to existing cardholders and those wishing to apply to the scheme for the first time.

This applies mainly to early motherboards, more commonly referred to as "legacy" equipment.

Some motherboards have a BIOS which allows you to delete the ESCD information from the BIOS after an older legacy card has been removed from the motherboard.

Applying online is the most efficient way of receiving an ECS card.

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