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Application Dim o WB As Workbook Set o WB = Active Workbook Dim title As String title = o WB. Print lastauthor End Sub See this page for all the fields you can access with this: you're trying to do this outside of the client (i.e.

Get Details Of(s File, XXX) Next Public Sub Print Document Properties() Dim o App As New Excel. ''Extended file stributes 'visual basic sample Dim s File As Object Dim o Shell = Create Object("Shell.

One of the most important issues any programmer faces is how to go about storing and retrieving information on disk. The library is a substantial improvement over the file-related operations Visual Basic programmers had available to them previously. NET namespaces related to directories, files, and synchronous and asynchronous reading from and writing to data streams.

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Dim Xml Doc As New Xml Document() Dim file As New Stream Reader(file Path) Xml Doc.

Load(file) For Each Element As Xml Element In Xml Doc. Name = "system.service" Then For Each Element2 As Xml Element In Element If Element2. Value = Your New Address Next Next End If Next End If Next file. Close() Dim save As New Stream Writer(file Path) Xml Doc.

Value) Next Dim str As String = "Demo" Dim doc As Xml Document = New Xml Document() doc. If that's the case then this isn't really the way to go about it.

WCF Binding I assume what you're trying here is to dynamically set the endpoint of a client to point at the required server.

Rather than jumping in and solving both problems in one post, we'll start today with the problem of updating the attribute and then in the next post we'll look at some code we can use to process a folder of DWGs, opening, updating and saving each one.

I'll probably then go one step further and look at the steps needed to extract this code and make it work in Real DWG (for which you will need to have the toolkit installed, of course).

:-) To solve the problem of updating a particular attribute in a drawing, I started by copying a bunch of code from this post, as it handled the recursive iteration of blocks.

I created a primary function (Update Attributes In Database()) that takes a Database parameter - as this will facilitate the future calling of the code on a number of drawings - and added some code to prompt the user for the name of the block and attribute to modify, and of course the new value to which we will set the attribute.

This suggestion came up in reference to this previous post about using side databases.

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