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In 2010, clothing retailer Gap practically caused a Twitter riot when it changed its classic navy blue square logo design.

Instead of the traditional white-on-blue, the new logo was black lettering with a transparent blue square positioned over the upper-right corner of the ‘p.’ Gap hoped its new logo would modernize the brand, but public opinion was so negative that the brand reverted back to its classic design after just one week, perhaps to retain The cautionary tale of Gap’s redesign begs the question: Why do brands change their logos at all?

In many cases, it’s an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” scenario, but logos go beyond simply what is acceptable or satisfactory.

Logos are the image associated with a brand, and if they no longer represent that brand’s values and offerings, it might be time to consider a new brand – read more about this in our rebranding vs repositioning discussion.

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Here are some other reasons that brands might change up their logo: Don’t confuse “old-fashioned” with “classic.” Brands like Nike, Apple, and Mercedes-Benz have kept similar logos throughout the last three decades because they’re classic and recognizable.

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