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Oracle Database , : Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Oracle Database 11g Standard Edition Oracle Database 11g Standard Edition One Oracle Database 11g Personal Edition Oracle Developer Suite 10g - -. : Oracle AS Containers for J2EE / Web Services Oracle HTTP Server Oracle AS Top Link Oracle AS Portal Oracle AS Web Caching Oracle AS Integration Oracle Internet Directory Oracle AS Personalization Oracle AS Wireless Oracle Business Intelligence Oracle Identity Management : BPEL Process Manager Oracle9i - , - .

In addition, we eliminated on-premises preservation costs and further increased our efficiency by sharing data with overseas development bases.

We had to prepare an expandable trial environment to increase sales of our project management system, ‘Manufacturing Information Base (MIB)’.

We achieved faster time to market and reduced environment maintenance and costs.

We have enterprise-grade, dynamic application infrastructure with Oracle Java Cloud Service and Oracle Database Cloud Service.

Refer to Support for Linux images in Microsoft Azure for more detailed information about support for Linux and open source technology in Azure.

The Linux Integration Services (LIS) drivers for Hyper-V and Azure are kernel modules that Microsoft contributes directly to the upstream Linux kernel. Credativ is an independent consulting and services company that specializes in the development and implementation of professional solutions by using free software.As leading open-source specialists, Credativ has international recognition with many IT departments that use their support.With Oracle Database Cloud Service, we are able to reduce development and operational costs, resulting in a flexible environment that accepts more customers.We used Oracle Database Cloud Service and Oracle Infrastructure as a Service to provide our global agents with a high-performance environment and a cost-effective, scalable, and secure infrastructure.Oracle9i AS Portal Oracle9i Wireless Oracle9i AS Personalization E-mail Server Oracle Message Broker Oracle9i AS Inter Connect Oracle Internet Directory Oracle Containers for Java (OCJ4) Oracle9i Dynamic Services Oracle9i : Data Warehouses ETL OLAP Services Data Mining Oracle Oracle , .

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