Updating sequence in oracle

Once a sequence number is generated, the sequence number is available only to the session that generated the number.Independent of transactions committing or rolling back, other users referencing obtain unique values.Sequence numbers can be accessed more quickly in the sequence cache than they can be read from disk. Each entry can hold many sequence numbers for a single sequence.

updating sequence in oracle-7

The database might also skip cached sequence numbers after an export and import. You can alter a sequence to change any of the parameters that define how it generates sequence numbers except the sequence starting number.

To change the starting point of a sequence, drop the sequence and then re-create it.

I tried to find something similar online but wasn't able to get anything useful.

For some reason, people in the past have inserted data without using sequence. How can I update the next value so that it is usable?

Cached sequence numbers also could be skipped after an export and import if transactions continue to access the sequence numbers while the export is running.

I have a table in oracle of which all rows of a column has to be updated with a starting value of 500 and incrementing by 1.

Alter a sequence using the object privilege for the sequence containing the sequence) with no waiting.

The database does not wait for a transaction that has incremented a sequence to complete before that sequence can be incremented again.

If two users are accessing the same sequence concurrently, then the sequence numbers each user receives might have gaps because sequence numbers are also being generated by the other user.

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