Updating subforms

within the range of data pulled by the first combobox it selects data correctly. Cheers Johnny PS, I meant to add I think that somehow I should be rerunning the subform query, I assumed it does it automatically but I'm probably wrong in assuming that Thanks Trevor, will give it a go.

I've got it working by using a recordsetclone and a bookmark but it's not ideal, if I can fix it with the above then great.

Not only that, but there are up to 30 of these subforms that will require date info input by the end user - I'd like to append to this other table just once.

But the subform still runs wrongly, I don't know if it only pulls the data for the first item or for some previous instance of the query being run without the form.

Bizarrely, the combobox from the valuelist works fine, i.e. i'm building a database full of these forms and none of them are working, so I figure it must be something simple I'm missing.

I want the subform to stay blank until the user has entered valid data in Main Form.

Hi I've got two tables, in which one field is linked to a small table (BAU) via relationships as a many:1 I've got a form, with 2 unbound comboboxes, one with the small BAU table as data source and the other as a value list (either Open or Closed) I've got a subform, based on a query which feeds off the main data table with criteria for the two fields that are being selected via combo boxes, with the criteria [Forms]! The data is correct, but when I select any of the other items in that combobox nothing is returned.

I've worked with Access several versions ago, so it's been awhile, but I think this can be accomplished.

I've got Access 2007 Inside/out book and am getting re-acquainted with Access..I can't figure out how to work this issue... Debra someone responded to my initial question but when I replied, I got the can't deliver mail error message...what's the email address I should respond to?

I tried adding a button (with run-query) to the main form to run the query behind the subform, it opens up the query correctly, i.e.

all the data correctly selected for the two selections in the comboboxes.

Once they complete the subform and they close it out, I'd like ALL of the information, including the tasks to append to another table for updating purposes and reports.

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