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Fixed issue where Map Source was not gracefully handling the case where the language resource file was missing. Fixed issue where some data input locations were not properly validating the text that a user input.

This is a Django security requirement, designed to prevent HTTP Host header attacks. To create an environment and deploy your Django application see your application running, then congratulations, you've deployed your first Django application with Elastic Beanstalk!

Now that you have a running application on Elastic Beanstalk, you can update and redeploy your application or its configuration and Elastic Beanstalk will take care of the work of updating your instances and starting your new application version.

To configure your site for Elastic Beanstalk Next, you'll create your application environment and deploy your configured application with Elastic Beanstalk.

Immediately after deployment, you'll edit Django's configuration to add the domain name that Elastic Beanstalk assigned to your application to Django's , and then you'll redeploy your application.

Fixed issue where the right-click context menu was not always getting updated to display the correct options to the user in certain situations.

Fixed issue where basemap labels were not being displayed if a user zoomed to a level where detailed maps should be drawn, but the map product lacked detailed maps in that area. Fixed issue where the print preview flickered when Map Source was real-time tracking. Fixed issue where Map Source would fail when the user attempted to use the system menu while in print preview mode.The EB CLI is an interactive command line interface written in Python that uses the Python SDK for AWS (boto).To use any Amazon Web Service (AWS), including Elastic Beanstalk, you need to have an AWS account and credentials.You can change this by specifying a time zone in You can create a site administrator for your Django application to access the admin console directly from the web site.

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