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Of course, you'll want to organize all that mail. Mail offers folders (to which you can drag and drop messages) to hold and decent search (you can use a number of operators to specify senders or dates, for example, and have contacts completed for you) to find mail.

Unfortunately, search categories cannot be saved as smart folders—Yahoo!

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But it failed to capitalize on its early leads, leaving the field to be dominated by later entrants.

Yahoo Briefcase, for instance, did cloud storage long before the likes of Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive. It began life as a web directory, manually curated and categorized by humans, who were known simply as “the surfers.” Yahoo was the first site to add news, sports, and finance feeds to its web directory; those three services remain hugely popular as part of Oath, Verizon’s name for its AOL-Yahoo media mashup.

Shen published his own book about his nine years at Yahoo, Black Rocket, a San Francisco-based ad agency, came up with the yodel for a series of TV spots starting in March 1996.“When we launched Yahoo with a TV campaign on both coasts, there were at least 130 other search engines,” says John Yost, president of Black Rocket at the time.

“But none of them had that cheeky name, and they were the first to get out there and advertise in a big and memorable way.”For many, Yahoo and the yodel became synonymous.

Everyone has a different theory as to why Yahoo failed, and to some degree they’re all probably right.

Ring says Yahoo’s biggest mistake was not allowing paid search ads to coexist with organic search results.Internet lore has Mark Zuckerberg walking away from the deal when Semel cut the offer to 0 million after a drop in Yahoo’s share price.According to Peter Thiel, one of three members on Facebook’s board at the time, Zuckerberg never seriously considered selling.People wanted to know who this wacky company was.”It Started @ Yahoo: Today, is best known for the fact that Yahoo paid .9 billion for it in 1999, thereby turning internet entrepreneur Mark Cuban into internet billionaire Mark Cuban.Though the service didn’t go much of anywhere under Yahoo ownership, it’s recognizable as the proto-You Tube of the dial-up era. Yahoo lost many of its advertisers, and nearly all of its value, in the dotcom crash that began in April 2000. Now what people remember most are the missed opportunities.Hell, we were worth more than Disney, Viacom, and News Corp combined.

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