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For the Swiss midfielder the equaliser would also have been a sublime moment.

The ball had come to him from Shaqiri’s blocked shot.

Both men are from the republic that broke away from Serbia and limps on only partially recognised.

Shaqiri plays with the Kosovan flag stitched into his boots, for which he was booed by a partisan, Serbian supporting crowd.

Xhaka’s own boots, minus the Kosovan flag, met the ricochet as well as he can ever have done and celebrated by trying to make a double-headed Albanian eagle with his hands – which is not something you are taught to do on Once the politics and football had cleared away.

Switzerland, many of whose side including the manager, Vladimir Petkovic, a native of Sarajevo, are from what used to be called Yugoslavia, went to celebrate with their fans who made up perhaps a quarter of the stadium, knowing they had nearly made it.

Blerim Dzemaili anticipated Steven Zuber’s call beautifully and met it before two of his markers.

Dzemaili, another member of the Yugoslav diaspora, did not quite connect as well as he had timed its run.

It was the second of Mitrovic’s headers that put Serbia ahead.

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