Vba application updating pros cons consolidating your debt

But the screen doesn't refresh, or stops refreshing at some point (e.g. The task eventually completes but the progress bar is useless. For i=1 to imax ' imax is usually 30 or so fraction Done=cdbl(i)/cdbl(imax) Application.

Status Bar = Format(fraction Done, "0%") & "done..." ' or, alternatively: ' status Range.value = Format(fraction Done, "0%") & "done..." ' Some code.......

Maybe you have bought a book on VBA and tried to learn by working through it.

Maybe you have taken a three day VBA course and tried to learn this way.

The reason why people struggle to learn VBA is simple… Most people write awful code in their first application.

They explain all the parts of the VBA language but they leave it up to you to figure out how to put it all together. Over time they eventually learn how to create proper applications. It would take considerable time and effort to create full applications and to provide a step-by-step guide for each one.

Maybe you used Google and tried to learn from the different websites.

Despite all this, the thought of building your first VBA application still seems overwhelming.The following commands seem to do the trick: This is not directly answering your question at all, but simply providing an alternative.I've found in the many long Excel calculations most of the time waiting is having Excel update values on the screen.Next i Sub Progress Meter() Dim boo Status Bar State As Boolean Dim i Max As Integer Dim i As Integer i Max = 10000 Application.Screen Updating = False ''//Turn off screen updating boo Status Bar State = Application.Screen Updating = True ''//Turn on screen updating End Sub Text boxes in worksheets are sometimes not updated when their text or formatting is changed, and even the Do Event command does not help.

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