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thanks I have worked for Wal Mart as an associate in Lawn & Garden and now work in Electronics and I really like working there.

However, I do not intend for this to be my "career" so I think that may have a big influence on it. They have treated me very fairly and for me, Wal-Mart has been a great place to work at.

When it comes to the hours and pay: I started off making 7.45 and hour at 40 hours a week. I informed the management using the open door policy, but as you can see, nothing has changed this past year.

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I was a supervisor that really didnt get the support or backing from the ass. When i needed them to back me with the crew i was running . managers would always put it on the next manager on shift.

Once i was cussed out , it was be my word agianst theirs, The manager that dealt with this problem did not support me at all.

on their ext and to keep it positive over the walkie, by the co -manager.

Now mind you the co-man was there when i was told things would get ugly if the trailer wasnt done.

According to my management, they are told to make us work and not work themselves.

I understand this military style thinking, but we are not putting our lives on the line to protect our country.I have way too much to say than the intent of this forum.So, as a professional who was temporarily filling a financial gap, I pity anyone who thinks they must work at Walmart.I come from a background where you worked, no matter who you are.I have been in a management position at one of my other jobs, and i worked hard for my people. Yet, i find myself at Walmart where it's not the same.If you are new to the job market, please don't think all jobs are like this.

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