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This was my second trip to the Best Buy in Dewitt, NY. Next scheduled date 2/3/18 product was delivered and left in the middle of my kitchen. I'm extremely exasperated with calling the same phone number and talking and mostly holding and waiting to countless people with no results..Yesterday I was there to have my lap top serviced, they were not able to find my purchase in the computer, I left, went home and called your toll free number, they were able to locate my information and nicely emailed me the information I needed. First delivery and installation scheduled for 1/20/18 was not routed correctly. It would be nice to have a case manager at this point. I bought a refrigerator from best buy in December 2017 and it already quit barely past warranty Now I am just trying to save food until tomorrow when a reputable appliance co will deliver a new one I will not even buy a paper clip from best buy again I purchased a Galaxy S3 tablet for my wife for Christmas.

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They felt no obligation to service a product sold by you.

An agent from Apple called today and said he was unable to help and the stores should resolve the problem.

Best Buy sales associate Lyndsey refused to replace it because I didn't have receipt with me.

Since I purchased many of these from BB I chanced presenting it for replacement without returning home to retrieve the receipt.

Apple are copying animoji trademark and features from Tokyo-based Emonster kk. Apple always LIE to u, so do not listen to apple workers, best buy, and target, and walmart, apple people in apple store. I went to the Best Buy on Saturday (4/14/2018) in Santa Fe NM, I had a really, really bad experience with the sale person. the web site where I do all my shopping shows clearly the grill comes with no assembly so that is why I choose this item and it came unassembled.

I have all apple products hacked and fire came out, exploded in my hand and face, so I lost everything and hack my info from russians. I was going to buy a IPhone 8 plus when they were on sale. I didn't get the name of the sale person it was in the evening around 8 o' clock. Sent on 4/17/18 Poor service when you call in you get someone , That dose not know how to fix anything after you spend a long time with them to help you .. after over 45 minutes of my time and 6 transfers to people who had no answer except to transfer me over and over I still was not able to get someone to rectify my problem.

Good bye Best Buy, I will never, never purchase anything from you again.

I purchase a Sony sound bar and sub woofer in July 2017.

I purchased a dell laptop on April 28, 20.99, but it never worked properly. I am being forced to purchase items that I don't need and or want.

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