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I felt very depressed and victimized.” In 1988, nearly a decade after Johnson’s initial plea for custody, the Supreme Court of New York County upheld the decision favoring Sims.

“I was in a more stable situation, living in New York, while she was working and traveling around the world,” he says.

While Johnson disputed the court finding, she tried to visit her daughter daily at Sims’s imposing Fifth Avenue apartment until he obtained an order restricting her to regularly scheduled visits.

“I had to extend myself, because it takes time to build a new relationship,” recalls Johnson, though Anansa says, “We were close automatically.” Finally, Anansa told Sims she wanted to live permanently with her mother.

Immersed in his new life, and by then traveling frequently himself, he agreed. “It’s so rare that a young girl goes into this business and continues to live a happy life,” she says.

So about a month, a little more than that." "I was shocked because I’m very traditional and so he knew that talking to my dad was really important and he was very adamant about doing it in person," she added.

"And so the first thing I actually said to him was, ‘Did you ask my dad? ’" As for their actual wedding plans, Val and Jenna are considering a very small wedding, or just eloping altogether. In 1979, Johnson and Sims separated after only two years of marriage—her second, his third. Sims won, an outcome Johnson attributes to the Kramer vs. “Mothers were no longer being given custody automatically,” she says.“It wasn’t because one parent was fit and the other was not, and I was going up against a man who was much older, wiser, stronger, richer.” Sims, now 55, sees it met Alice Marie Johnson for the very first time.As you know, Kanye West's wife helped convince Donald Trump to free Johnson from prison after she served 21 years of her life sentence for a non-violent drug offense.Johnson, who was one of the first celebrities to become involved in the AIDS cause (after losing such friends as designers Willi Smith and Halston to the disease), considers activism part of Anansa’s education.

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