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She’s hoping to adapt some of her recipes for her rice pudding gig.

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’ Now, I love a man who opens a door for me and wants to carry my bag because it’s heavy.” She may be single at the moment but her time with father-of-two Cohen has got Lowe thinking about motherhood — she brings up babies twice during our conversation.

“I’m not ready yet but I’m really excited about having children at some stage.” She’s looking forward to some cosy domesticity after a summer of uncharacteristic hedonism. "Not to sound like a spoilt music brat, but generally the sound is so much better when you’re in the crowd. Florence and I both left with love-heart eyes for her.” She’s still coming to terms with her Brexitentialism. We were given the choice to vote, which I think is mad, actually, then there was no plan.

Lowe’s apparent reluctance to play hard is understandable.

Her mother Pearl was part of the notorious Primrose Hill set and previously struggled with drug and alcohol addictions, while close friend Peaches Geldof died of a heroin overdose in 2014.

She told The Sun: “At the beginning, which is supposed to be the most joyful ­honeymoon period, I had nothing to give him.”Daisy said the strain of the schedule was particularly difficult because her and Frankie had only begun dating five months before.

She explained: “We could have coped with the pressure if we had been together for ages and had known all of the ins and outs of each other.“But we had just met and suddenly it was like, ‘Who is this really tired person?She looks amazing too — signature curves in a simple black maxi dress. “It’s the TM.” Taking 20-40 minutes out a day, you become more conscious of the way you spend your time everywhere else. I can count my closest people on two hands and don’t really let anyone else much further in.” Sunday roasts are a big deal in Lowe’s world — the gang congregates at pubs such as The Stag, near Hampstead Heath, or at Lowe’s flat. But not for long — she’s just bought her first “proper house. It’s got original banisters and cornicing and stained-glass windows. "The whole thing makes me really sad but it’s important that we stay positive — nothing good comes out of feeling crap.” Today we’re meeting in Preston, a far cry from her north London stomping ground. "I only shifted it through calorie-counting, exercise and cutting out alcohol for six months.” No mean feat for a self-confessed foodie.She’s collaborating with dessert manufacturer Naughty But Rice as its brand ambassador and today is testing new flavours. “My family and friends take the mickey out of me for how much I love eating.” In 2014, Lowe released Sweetness & Light, a cookbook of healthy sweet treats.I’ve always had a fuller figure and get so many girls on Twitter and Instagram asking me how I stay in shape. If you don’t eat, you become miserable.” Lowe lives her philosophy. “Er, if you were a rice pudding, which flavour would you be?

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