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The mountains are receding, Is quickly disappearing. Metaphors are often used in poetry and, therefore, poems make great tools for learning about this particular language device.To get started, try this mini lesson from Poetry 4 Kids and practice writing metaphors before attempting some original poetry.

The two brothers have been going strong building their careers.

Ronnell Lawrence Levatte has been to jail after he was sentenced for his involvement in 2006 shooting at Gainesville, Florida club. While in jail, Plies through his songs, addressed him and other jailed citizens to ease off their struggle.

Plies, on the other hand, was charged with illegal possession of a weapon.

His other gang members were charged with attempted murder.

en in many hip hop music videos by well known rappers in the Atlanta area.

She recently became a calendar model with the debut of her own calendar in early 2007.

Plies is an American rapper, songwriter and record producer.

The Grammy-nominated rapper makes most of his money from the success of his records and playing concerts. Plies was born Algernod Lanier Washington on July 1, 1976, in Fort Myers, Florida and raised in East Dunbar, a neighborhood in Fort Meyers.

However, football was not Washington’s only interest.

Rapper Plies has a brother he holds dear named Ronnell Lawrence aka Big Gates.

The saucepan bubbles, "And I know you, too." This home lives within, a memory. I thought it rather strange today, To find the creatures living there, So wild and acrobatic, Delight in swinging high and low, Dignified and tall, the penguins on the ice, Proper and precise. compares two unlike things: a tiny Chihuahua and a Scottish warrior chieftain.

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