Who is dating shemar moore

Shemar Moore knows you thinks Phaedra Parks is one of his “baby girls” and the S. As you know, the reality star was not invited to return to BRAVO’s Real Housewives of Atlanta.

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"And look, I met Phaedra doing a nighttime talk show with Andy Cohen and Andy Cohen does this thing late at night and he likes to get you to drink.

And so you're loose and you have fun on his show." "So I walked in and I saw Phaedra and I know who Phaedra- I've heard of Phaedra and she was looking like..so she looked at me and I kinda had this sense of like, 'Oh, she thinks I'm the guy from The Young and the Restless' or 'She thinks I'm a certain Shemar.' And I said, 'Well, I'm gonna introduce you to a different kind of Shemar,'" he said.

He has been part of a lot of controversies and has handled them maturely.

There were rumors about him being a gay but they immediately shut off as soon as the hot star confronted it like never anyone before.

He isn’t married to have a wife but is known to be dating the Shawna Gordon, a known face in the field of American Football. There have been a lot of evidence and a lot of photographs that went wooing on the internet with them holding hands on the streets of Los Angeles.

This sexy soccer player is known to be dating Shemar for quite some time now and the news about them hanging out frequently has been out. Looks like, his relationship with Shawna seems to be pretty serious, unlike the ones he had previously with Halle Berry, Toni Braxton, Kimberly Elise and Ashley Scott.Shemar Moore has been currently dating Shawna Gordon, a soccer player.The love-birds are found holding hands and taking a lot of pictures on the streets of Los Angeles. But Miss Anabelle Acosta, she’s beautiful, look at her.’ Shemar confessed that when he sent the email: ‘We had never met each other. So he gets to present [at the GRAMMYs tonight], get the stress this time, and I get to watch the show.’ Shemar reminisced: ‘I said, ‘You want to be spontaneous? ”‘ Anabelle, who described the couple as ‘having fun tonight,’ said: ‘I thought this would be fun. I told him it was stressful, so I didn’t get to enjoy the show.The soap opera actor confirmed his relationship status to on E!

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