Who is fernando colunga dating

But the most outstanding one is the $ 875,000 house in Miami he is selling it to her girlfriend at 5,000.In addition to that Colunga has several tops of the range cars that are not statistically available since he prefers his personal life away from the cameras.

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Thalia said his feelings, but these relationships did not lead to marriage. Fernando is going through the gap and found solace only in the work.

On the set of "Mary of the suburbs" Fernando met with the waist, which already was a star, and fell in love with her without memory.

Telenovela so successful, that Fernando was named best actor of telenovelas of 2000, and she telenovella won a prize as the best in 2000. Fernando spent the last six months the theater, as it is to miss. About creativity - please, but personal - is a sacred. Fernando loves motorcycles, but his real passion is racing cars.

Then there was the telenovela "never forget you" with Edith Gonzalez, and in 2000, "Hold me tight" with Aracely Arambula. They say that recently he was seen with a blonde, but as long as the actor did not confirm, but about the personal life in general refuses to talk.

Fernando Colunga gets his income from different sources such as endorsements, advertisements, upfront pay, and lucrative business ventures.

He is also a smart investor in the stock market, and he never leaves anything to chance.

Colunga also owns a football team called the Mexico City Angels and in addition to that, a chain of restaurants called Fat Colunga Burger.

Over the recent years, Fernando Colunga’s financial star appeared to be falling, but it seems the class has a way with financial decisions.

"Marimar" (Marimar) (1994) and "Alondra" (Alondra) (1995), .

Fernando began his acting career in theater and still continues to participate in various productions. At first he played a small role in the telenovela "Maria Mercedes" (Maria Mercedes) (1992), .

He is considered one of the most paid celebrities in modern times.

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