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It wasn’t long before he gained a regular role on the 1983 sitcom “Gimme a Break”.The show starred Nell Carter as a house keeper for a widowed police chief, excellent comedic premise.His performance in “Gimme A Break” allowed him to branch out and in 1985 he had his theatrical debut with the John Candy Vehicle “Summer Rental”.

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Joey Lawrence portrayed Joey Donovan, a young con artist turned foster child.

He was a main cast member from season three until the shows end.

Whilst he has tackled a variety of roles on film, when he appears on TV he more often than not plays a character called Joey or Joe or Joseph.

The actor peaked at a young age But has since seen a resurgence in popularity after a successful five year run on the sitcom “Melissa & Joey”.

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They are super happy and have been dating for over six months…

There will be 6-90 seconds of the rest period in between the sets.

If you've seen Cheryl Burke's Instagram in the past few days, she has shared SEVERAL cute pics of her and boyfriend Matthew Lawrence on vacation at Sandals La Source Grenada in the Caribbean.

Joey Lawrence was born on April 20th 1976 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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