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At one point, it was speculated that it was a son named Omer Bhatti and he would now be in his late 20s. There are monthly reports that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have done it—so far none of which seem to be true.While (coincidentally) promoting new music, De Barge’s brother, Young De Barge, claimed that Jackson had a grown daughter named Renee who lived with her older sister, Rebbie. “I do not have a child and all allegations saying so are false,” she said. The difference, however, is that those weddings were only “secret” in that no save-the-date cards were leaked to the press.

Gossip rags chased stories for years in the 2000s alleging that Jackson had a secret child with De Barge.

Rumors ran rampant in 2005 that Jackson had given birth to a girl during their marriage.

In fact, looking back, Michael’s little sister has had a remarkably—almost implausibly, given her notoriety—private life.

Janet Jackson had been dating Wissam Al Mana since 2010.

That much wasn’t a secret; the two were even spotted out Monday, the same day as their marriage announcement, taking in the Giorgio Armani show during Milan’s fashion week.

They began seeing each other less than a year after Jackson’s seven-year relationship with Jermaine Dupri came to an end, after meeting at a hotel opening in Dubai.It’s why talk that Beyoncé faked her pregnancy is ridiculous (with so many people around her, someone would have spilled the beans).It’s why allegations that Justin Bieber fathered a child are insane (he’d never get away with that).The couple may have been on to something with their privacy crusade—between their secret marriage and courtship, Jackson and Elizondo were together for 14 years, a Hollywood eternity.Even Jackson’s three-month first marriage to singer James De Barge, when she was 18, has some lingering secrecy—although the reports there are harder to take seriously.“We decided early on that we wanted to preserve our marriage by keeping it private.

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