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Over the past decade or so, these trannies have successfully infiltrated the heterosexual Atlanta nightclub scene.Trust that most of the club photographers know who the trannies are in the clubs.Update: A rep for the DJ sent this information regarding the female in the photo.

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They distance themselves from their past lives to better assimilate into the heterosexual world.

Even it it means deliberately avoiding other trannies and cutting themselves off from the gay community so their cover won’t be blown.

I know you have very loyal readers that can interpret your posts wrong sometimes but if u can kindly remove the post from your website it would be greatly appreciated on my clients behalf.

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Most females in a club will comply with your request because no female wants to be confused for a tranny. Longer Canine Teeth — I made this one #9 because most trannies have already been to the dentist to have their canine teeth shaved down.

But on average, most males have longer canine teeth than females. Limited Eye contact — When holding conversations, men tend to look away more rather than make eye contact.

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