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"Part of Chongqing sits on a large peninsula on a bend in the Yangtze River and with its mass of skyscrapers you could easily think you're looking at the Financial District surrounded by the Hudson and East rivers.

Over the past 5 months there has been a renewed discussion both locally and internationally about sexual harassment in the workplace.

The training should be real and engaging, using examples, case studies and questions to test knowledge and understanding.

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In the Full Federal Court recognised that damages awarded to victims of sexual harassment must not be out of step with the standards and expectations of society.

Up until this decision, general damages in sexual harassment cases were within the range of $12,000 to $20,000.

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein allegations surfacing in October 2017, the ‘Me Too’ movement (first established in 2006 to assist survivors of sexual violence) has gained widespread traction after women and men around the world started sharing their experiences of workplace sexual harassment and sexual violence on twitter using the hashtag #Me Too.

In January 2018, this movement gained further momentum when women from the US entertainment industry expressed solidarity with workers in the agriculture, hospitality and cleaning industries, who had shared similar stories of abuse and gender inequality in the workplace, establishing a legal defence fund under the banner ‘Times Up Now (#TIMESUP)’.

Justice Kenny noted that academic literature had been critical of the courts’ failure to accord weight or significance to the emotional loss and turmoil experienced by a victim of unlawful discrimination and harassment.

Ultimately, the Full Federal Court increased the damages awarded to the Applicant from ,000 in the earlier decision to 0,000, which included ,000 as general damages.“community attitudes regarding the impact of sexual harassment [have] changed, in particular that the adverse consequences ...

These are the 20 most rapidly expanding cities (in terms of population) with at least five million residents, according to the United Nations 2010-2020 rates (data supplied by demographia.com).

When the bar is lowered to include cities with a population above one million the results are very different, and include numerous places with which very few Britons will be familiar (the top 10, for example, would be Batam, Mogadishu, Ouagadougou, Xiamen, Yinchuan, Denpasar, Abuja, Dar es Salaam, Zhongshan and Kannur). Chongqing, China Population: 7.22m Annual growth: 3.08% "There's something Manhattan-esque about the largest city in western China and one of the country's most important inland ports," says James Ellis.

Managing the initial complaint, including dealing with the victim and the respondent are critical first issues.

Where the allegations get into the public domain, other strategic planning issues such as legal professional privilege, advising Boards and stakeholders and media management/public relations can all impact on reputational risks and any future litigation.

Facebook and Google are reported to have in place policies dealing with office dating, which specifically set out rules about dating.

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