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HIV prevalence is about 17% but rises to nearly 30% in some communities.

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According to Banda, there are many different types of gay men in Lusaka: those who are in good jobs and so don’t want to show, the “township queens” and those who are “in between”, who play things cool.

The government continues to deny that homosexuals exist in Zambia. Both Mbewe and Banda tell stories of entrapment by police.

I recently had the good fortune to meet a couple who agreed to give me some insights into gay Lusaka.

Joshua Banda (35) and his partner Greg Mbewe (28)* have been together for eight years, having met in 2000 through mutual friends.

Some of the places they name are very popular and well known in Lusaka.

Club Zone in Matero and Times at the Arcades shopping centre.

Worse still, is that the average age of life expectancy in Zambia is 37 years old.

AIDS has shaved 15 years off the average age of life expectancy since the pandemic took its grim grip on the country a quarter century ago. In Kafue, the portrait in numbers becomes a real-life picture of people living on the edge. One guidebook declares "there is little of interest here." However, Kafue lies on a major highway running through Zambia, connecting it directly to Zimbabwe and serving as a major artery in the trucking route in sub-Saharan Africa.

Rather, they simply want to get a campaign going for gay-friendly health facilities so that they will no longer be turned away at clinics when doctors or nurses discover they have a same-sex partner.

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